Little Lucy's Pott'n Mix

Little Lucy's Pottn' Mix: Flower Power Formula

 As we packed up to attend a flower show to promote our compost a few years ago, Les and Page's three year old, Lucy, was pleading her case to attend.  "But dad, I'm a flower expert."  So when we at Stout Ollie decided to develop a potting mix, the name was the easy part.  The formulation for "Little Lucy's Pott'n Mix" was a little more challenging.  We started with our own Stout Ollie compost as the base.  A lot of folks use that alone to pot, but we wanted to see if we could make it even better.  After a number of formulations and trials, we settled on adding vermiculite and rock dust, both of which we sourced locally in South Carolina.  The vermiculite helps add moisture retention, a plus for plants confined to pots.  The rock dust is a slow release mineral source as well as a ph stabilizer.  We package it in an easy to handle 20 qt. pink bag displaying a certified S.C. product emblem and a breast cancer research ribbon.  We're especially proud of the latter  and will be making a percentage of sales contribution each year for breast cancer research.  All our farm girls, including Little Lucy will decide where to contribute.  We hope you enjoy using Little Lucy's Pott'n Mix as much as we enjoy making it for you.  We've yet to find a plant that doesn't like it.  What else would you expect though, it's "flower expert" approved.