About Us

We're Farmers First

 Father and son, Ray and Les, mother and daughter-in-law, Nancy and Page, along with grand daughters, Lucy and Annie, are the Olivers behind Stout Ollie/River Run Farms.  We farm in Lowcountry South Carolina growing and selling 100% Grassfed Angus beef and Certified Organic kiwifriut.  The need for an organic fertility source for our grass and fruit crops prompted us to begin making our own compost.  Over the years we've perfected our formula of plant material from the cotton ginning process, fish trimmings from the Santee Cooper lakes and cow manure from our cowherd to produce a superior compost.  Making more than we could use on the farm led us to bagging and selling and the Stout Ollie brand was born.

A lot of folks have asked how we got our name.  Well, we are, of course, the Ollies (Olivers) and the Stout comes from the first compost windrow turner that we built in our shop.  We are lucky enough to have a mechanical engineering genius in the family who headed up this building project and each time we welded another piece of steel to it, he'd excliam, "This thing is gonna be Hell for Stout."  So we dubbed it "Stout Ollie" and we still use this piece of machinery today in our operation.

We also still use Stout Ollie Compost on our farm and consider this a big advantage for our customers.  Our compost has to work in the real world of day to day farming and consistently produce under the harshest conditions.....and it does.  We're proud of Stout Ollie Compost and think our motto of "It's Hell for Stout" fitting.  After all, we're farmers first.